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Section 1.0

General Membership

1.01 The Bluegreen Rewards Program is a member rewards program, operated and administered in the State of Florida by Encore Rewards, Inc. (hereinafter “ERI”), a Delaware corporation.

1.02 The Bluegreen Rewards Program is only available to certain owners (“Owners”) of timeshare interests offered and sold by Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. (hereinafter “Bluegreen”) or an authorized seller of Bluegreen interests.  Sampler Members are not eligible to redeem Bluegreen Rewards, the currency of the Bluegreen Rewards Program (formerly Bluegreen Dividends and hereinafter, “Rewards”), unless they become deeded Bluegreen Vacation Club owners. Enrollment/membership in the  Bluegreen Rewards Program is automatic when you submit your first referral or engage in any other activity for which Rewards are awarded.  By enrolling in this program, you become a Bluegreen Rewards Program Member (hereinafter “Member”) and you agree to comply with these Official Rules.

1.03 ERI reserves the right to restrict or suspend this program to a specific Member or the entire Member base and/or to change, alter, terminate or make any other changes to the Bluegreen Rewards Program and/or to the rules it deems necessary or desirable at any time without prior notice.  This includes, but is not limited to, changing levels of Rewards required to earn various awards, redemption values and/or changing of awards. 

1.04 Members earn Rewards,  redeemable for various redemption options.  The redemption options are detailed in the Bluegreen Vacation Club owner materials. Residents of South Dakota and North Dakota (the “Restricted States”) or any states where applicable state licensing and registration requirements have not been met are not eligible to receive Rewards for providing referrals. This list of states is subject to change.  In addition, redemption of Rewards is void where prohibited by law. Referral guests who reside in a Restricted State or any states where applicable state licensing and registration requirements have not been met may not be contacted and the referring Member will not receive Rewards for such referrals.

1.05 Members’ receipt and redemption of Rewards may be subject to tax liability.  Payment of foreign, federal, state and local taxes incident to the receipt and redemption of Rewards, and any and all applicable fees imposed by entities other than ERI or its affiliates, are the obligation of the Member.

1.06 Membership in the  Bluegreen Rewards Program along with any Rewards that may have been issued to a Member, may be suspended, limited or revoked at the sole discretion of ERI if the Member fails to pay any Bluegreen or Bluegreen affiliate bill or account when due.  Receipt or redemption of Rewards is limited to Bluegreen Owners in good standing who are current on all obligations to Bluegreen and its affiliated companies. 

1.07 Only natural persons are eligible to participate in the Bluegreen Rewards Program and corporations and/or other legal entities are not eligible for Rewards.  A single Bluegreen Rewards Program account shall be maintained for joint Owners or purchasers of vacation products or services offered by Bluegreen or an affiliate of Bluegreen. 

1.08 Any additional costs associated with redemption of Rewards shall be borne solely by the Member.

1.09 By participating in the Bluegreen Rewards Program, each Member agrees to use, without charge or compensation, of his or her name, likeness, and other personal information for advertising and promotional purposes relating to the Bluegreen Rewards Program and other promotions conducted by ERI, Bluegreen or their respective affiliates in compliance with applicable law.  Each Member agrees that ERI, Bluegreen, their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, advertising agencies, printers, other suppliers, and  other persons involved in the design, administration or fulfillment of the Bluegreen Rewards Program (hereinafter the “Releasees”) shall not be liable for, and each Member hereby releases, indemnifies and agrees to hold Releasees harmless from and against, for any liability, injury (including death) or loss of any kind or nature incurred by any person or to any property in connection with the receipt or redemption of Rewards. 

1.10 All Member name and address changes must be made to the Bluegreen Rewards Program Service Center at 866.362.6733. Name change requests must include supporting legal documentation, signature, date and Member account number. 


Section 2.0

Earning Rewards 

2.01 A Member will be eligible to receive Rewards in accordance with ERI offerings as may be determined by ERI from time to time.

2.02 Rewards expire on the last day of the 37th calendar month following the date they are earned.

2.03 Rewards are not transferrable, may not be sold, bartered or purchased, and have no cash value.

2.04 Members can access or log into their online Bluegreen account at to view their Rewards activity or print their statement. Account activity includes, and the activity statement will reflect, earned Rewards, expiring Rewards and redeemed Rewards.

2.05 In the event Rewards are not accurately reflected in the Member’s online account, the Member is encouraged to call the Bluegreen Rewards Program Service Center at 866.362.6733. Members may be required to provide copies of all documentation in support of any claim of account inaccuracy. Accounts may take up to six weeks to correct. Requests for changes relating to activity that occurred more than one year from the date of the activity cannot be accommodated.

2.06 From time to time, ERI may offer limited-time promotions for earning additional and/or bonus Rewards. The promotions will feature their own terms and conditions and may not be available in every state, or to all Members.

2.07 Due to state laws and regulations and/or ERI’s policy, residents of Restricted States are not eligible to receive Rewards for providing referrals.  Additionally, Members will not receive Rewards for theirreferral guests who reside in a Restricted State or any states where applicable state licensing and registration requirements have not been met.


Section 3.0

Bluegreen Vacation Club Qualified Referral

3.01 In order to earn Rewards a Qualified Referral (as herein defined) must have been registered by the referring owner at, by  mailing a completed referral card to the Bluegreen Rewards Program Department at 4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431, or by calling the Bluegreen Rewards Program Member Service Center prior to the referral guest attending an approximately two-hour Bluegreen sales presentation.  Failure to supply complete information may result in the inability to award Rewards for the referral guest. Once the referral has been registered the referral will be assigned to that Member for 2 years.  After the two years, the referral will be removed from the referring owner’s or Member’s account. “Qualified Referrals” must meet the following requirements (which are subject to change):

3.01a Qualified Referrals (or, if a Qualified Referral is married or cohabitating with a significant other, at least one member of the couple) must be 25 years of age or older.

3.01b Qualified Referrals must NOT be residents of a Restricted State.

3.01c Qualified Referrals(or, if a Qualified Referral is married or cohabitating with a significant other, at least one member of the couple)  must have a gross annual household income of at least $50,000 (this income requirement may be waived if one member of the couple is 62 years of age or older). If cohabiting with a significant other and combining income to qualify, cohabitating Qualified Referrals must provide proof of cohabitation through government-issued identifications showing an identical home addresses.

3.01d Qualified Referrals must attend and complete an approximately two-hour Bluegreen Vacation Club® sales presentation and tour on the benefits of timeshare ownership.  

3.01e If a Qualified Referral is married, or cohabiting with a significant other, both individuals must attend and complete the timeshare sales presentation and tour together.   

3.01f Qualified Referrals (or, if a Qualified Referral is married or cohabitating with a significant other, at least one member of the couple) must have a valid driver's license or government-issued identification.  

3.01g Qualified Referrals (or, if a Qualified Referral is married or cohabitating with a significant other, at least one member of the couple)  must: (i) have a minimum credit score as established by Bluegreen (currently a FICO® score of 600); or (ii) if FICO® information is not readily available, meet Bluegreen’s internal financial risk underwriting requirements, and cannot have filed for bankruptcy protection or been adjudicated bankrupt or insolvent within the past 7 years.  A Qualified Referral’s and/or his/her spouse’s or cohabitating significant other’s (if applicable) precise credit score(s) will only be verified through a hard inquiry with prior consent and a decision to purchase a timeshare interest or Sampler product from Bluegreen Vacations. 

3.01h Qualified Referrals may not be Bluegreen employees or property owners. 

3.01i Qualified Referrals must have not participated in any Bluegreen promotion within the past 15 months.

3.01j Qualified Referrals (or, if a Qualified Referral is married or cohabitating with a significant other, at least one member of the couple) must have a valid personal credit card bearing a MasterCard,® Visa,® American Express,® or Discover® logo.

3.01k Group travel on this vacation package is not permitted. Group travel is defined as traveling with friends or family on separately purchased vacation packages to the same destination during overlapping travel dates.  

3.01l Qualified Referrals must travel on an exclusive Bluegreen Rewards branded vacation package.  Qualified Referrals can book a Bluegreen Rewards branded package by calling 844.265.9258 or visiting Qualified Referrals traveling on other Bluegreen branded vacation packages or promotions will not result in the issuance of Rewards to the referring Member or otherwise.  

3.01m Qualified Referrals must be an individual “personally known” to the referring Member and the referring Member must provide a correct and current name, address and home phone number for his/her Qualified Referral.  Additionally, a Qualified Referral must have knowledge that the Member submitted his/her name to Bluegreen prior to submission; and the Member must not require compensation from the Qualified Referral.  In all instances, Bluegreen shall have the exclusive right to determine if a referral is "personally known" to a Member and/or if a referral constitutes a Qualified Referral.

3.02 ERI reserves the right to limit the location your referral guest may visit in order to comply with applicable state registration requirement.

3.03 Members will only receive Rewards one time per Qualified Referral (i.e. if a Qualified Referral purchases more than one (1) interest, Rewards will only be awarded for that Qualified Referral’s initial deeded purchase).

3.04 In the event of a duplication of a Qualified Referral (i.e. when multiple Owners provide the same referral) only one owner (as selected by the Qualified Referral) will receive applicable Rewards for such Qualified Referral. 

3.05 Except as may otherwise may be expressly agreed to in writing, Members are prohibited from engaging in any marketing or sales promotions on behalf of ERI or Bluegreen or their affiliates.

3.06 Rewards will be awarded, upon or up to 8 weeks, after the Qualified Referral’s contract closing date.

3.07 If a Qualified Referral purchases a Sampler or non-deeded membership and then upgrades to a deeded Bluegreen ownership within two years of the referral registration date (as determined by Bluegreen), the referring Member will be awarded Rewards for the Bluegreen purchase.


Section 4.0

Requesting A Reward

4.01 Redemption requests must be made by calling the Bluegreen Rewards Program Service Center, by going online, or by mailing or faxing the request to: Bluegreen Rewards Program Service Center 4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431, Phone: 866.362.6733 / Fax: 800.993.8485 / Online:    

4.02 All Rewards are subject to availability at the time of redemption or booking and to any restrictions of suppliers. Redemption options for Rewards may be substituted with redemption options of equal or greater value.

4.03 Blackout dates may apply to certain Rewards redemption options and may limit Members' ability to redeem Rewards for those redemption options. A two-day minimum stay is required when redeeming Rewards for Bonus Time (as more fully described in Bonus Time Terms & Conditions.) Resort accommodations must be requested at least 14 days in advance of the requested arrival date. To reschedule a reservation, the Member must notify the reservation department at least 3 days in advance. Accommodations are based on double occupancy. ERI reserves the right to substitute any accommodations subject to availability. A confirmation voucher, valid form of picture identification and a major credit or debit card are required upon check-in.

4.04 Redemption of Rewards for resort accommodations does not cover transportation, taxes, meals, gratuities or any other additional expenses. These are the responsibility of the redeeming Member.

4.05 Due to changes in the cost of services charged by suppliers and other factors, the amount of Rewards required to receive a redemption option is subject to change without notice. In addition, ERI reserves the right to delete or substitute Rewards redemption options offered at any time.

4.06 These Official Rules supersede all previous rules and may be changed by ERI in its discretion and without notice.

4.07 Rewards from multiple accounts may not be combined.

4.08 If a person other than the Member attempts to redeem accrued Rewards, the redemption will be denied and ERI may, at its discretion, revoke the Rewards.

How do I redeem Rewards?

  1. Login to your Bluegreen Owner account
  2. Click on Rewards at the top of the screen
  3. Then click on Redeem Rewards
  4. Your current available rewards and rewards expiring soon will display at the top of this screen
  5. Bluegreen Rewards expire on the first day of every month, three years from the date awarded
  6. Choose your redemption type
  7. Select the amount of rewards you'd like to redeem for (Maintenance fees can be any amount and Reward Cards increments range from 2,500-15,000)
  8. Click Add to Cart
  9. Your Rewards Cart will display at the bottom. If everything is correct, click Proceed to Checkout
  10. Your order summary will appear on the next screen. Double check the order information as well as your shipping information, then click Place Order.

What are limitations/exclusions?

If you or your Qualified Referrals are a resident of ND or SD, you are not eligible for this benefit. To view the Official Rules, please click here.

Other Rewards Restrictions
You may not earn Rewards during a billing cycle in which any of the following occur:
  1. You fail to make the minimum payment due by its payment due date. Your account becomes delinquent.
  2. Your account is otherwise in default under your cardmember agreement with us.
  3. You, or an authorized user on the account, engage in any illegal activity through the use of your account or engage in activity that is deemed abusive or gaming conduct, as determined by us in our sole discretion.
  4. You are in default of any obligations to Bluegreen or its affiliates.
Rewards Forfeiture
Your rewards may be forfeited if any of the above restrictions occur or the following:
  1. Your account becomes seriously delinquent, as determined by us at our sole discretion
  2. You or we close your account for any reason
  3. You, or any authorized user on the account, engage in fraudulent activity on your account

These rules are subject to changes without notice. The Bluegreen Rewards Program is operated and administered in the State of Florida and is governed by the laws and regulations of the State of Florida. Any and all disputes concerning the Bluegreen Rewards Program or ERI shall be heard and/or adjudicated in Palm Beach County, Florida pursuant to Florida law, without regard to conflict of law principles.