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Owner Testimonials

We have received so many testimonials from our owners that we had to divide them by category. Choose one or browse them all to hear and read what owners are saying about the Bluegreen Vacation Club®.

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My husband and I purchased our Bluegreen vacation package on the first day of our vacation for our first year anniversary three years ago. We are very young and travel incessantly. The greatest thing about Bluegreen is everywhere you go you feel that you belong to a family of vacationers. The staff at every Bluegreen hotel becomes your friend and confidant and the fellow Bluegreen owners welcome you into their vacation experience.

Since our purchase at Charleston's Lodge Alley Inn, we have been back to Charleston, spent New Year's in Gatlinburg, spent our second anniversary in Ormond Beach, and will spend this Christmas in Orlando. It is a dream come true for us to be able to call one phone number, speak to a helpful representative, and not have to worry about anything but what clothes to pack. Our vacations are hassle free and are always better than we expected.

Because our families have always been tight on money, we can share our good fortune with everyone by bringing them along on our vacations. It is the greatest thing to be able to give those who have supported us a well-deserved vacation.

On top of the present benefits is the fact that this will be ours forever. We do not have kids yet, but we know that our memories from year to year will be ones to cherish at new and interesting Bluegreen resorts and the old favorites. When we grow old and have seen the world we can pass the legacy on.

Thanks for everything that you have done for family vacations and thanks for everything you will do for us in the future.

Melissa G. of Sylvester, GA