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Qualified Referral** Details of Participation 

Refer your Qualified Referral** friends or family members to Bluegreen Vacations (“Bluegreen”) and you could earn Bluegreen Rewards® (formerly Bluegreen Dividends, hereinafter “Rewards”) when they purchase a deeded Bluegreen timeshare interest (from Bluegreen) while traveling on an exclusive Bluegreen Rewards branded vacation package. Any owner referral guests traveling on other Bluegreen branded vacation packages or promotions will not qualify you for Rewards. To register your Qualified Referral** friends or family members, go to, mail a completed referral card to the Bluegreen Rewards Department 4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431, or call the Bluegreen Rewards Member Service Center at 866.362.6733 prior to your Qualified Referral** guest attending an approximately two-hour Bluegreen sales presentation. They will remain registered for two full years. Failure to supply complete information may result in the inability to award. 

Bluegreen Vacation Club owners, Bluegreen fixed week owners, Bluegreen UDI owners and Bluegreen Campground owners (collectively, “Owners”) who reside in ID, SD, or ND (the “Restricted States”) and/or whose referrals reside in a Restricted State or in certain countries outside of the United States (as determined by Bluegreen Vacations from time to time) are not eligible for Rewards. The list of Restricted States is subject to change by Bluegreen Vacations from time to time. All other Owners who provide Qualified Referrals** to Bluegreen Vacations are eligible for Rewards upon their Qualified Referral’s purchase of a deeded vacation club interest from Bluegreen Vacations while traveling on a Bluegreen Rewards branded vacation package. Rewards are issued approximately 45 days after a Qualified Referral’s purchase of deeded vacation club interest.   

**A Qualified Referral must:

  1. Be 25 years of age or older;
  2. Have a valid driver’s license or government issued I.D.;
  3. Have a valid personal debit card or credit card bearing a MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express® or Discover® logo;
  4. Have a gross annual income household income of at least $50,000.00. If cohabitating and combining income, proof of cohabitation through government issued identifications showing identical addresses is required;
  5. Must: (i) have a minimum credit score as established by this offer’s sponsor (currently a FICO® score of 600); or (ii) if FICO® information is not readily available, meet Bluegreen’s internal financial risk underwriting requirements and must not have filed for bankruptcy protection or been adjudicated bankrupt or insolvent within the past 7 years;
  6. Must attend and complete an approximately 2 hour BVC sales presentation and tour on the benefits of timeshare ownership. If married or cohabitating, both individuals must attend and complete the sales presentations and tour together, the timeshare sales presentation will be in English. By accepting this offer and to meet its eligibility requirements, you affirm that you (or We if married or cohabitating with a significant other) are conversant in the English language and have read and understand these Details of Participation;
  7. Not have attended a Bluegreen presentation in the past 15 months; and
  8. Be “personally known*** to the referring Owner.

***To be "personally known" to an Owner: 1.) a Qualified Referral must have knowledge that the participant submitted his/her name to Bluegreen Vacations prior to submission; and 2.) the participant must not require compensation from the Qualified Referral for submitting the Qualified Referral's name to Bluegreen Vacations. In all instances, Bluegreen Vacations shall have the exclusive right to determine if a referral is "personally known" to the referring Owner and/or if a referral constitutes a Qualified Referral. 

Rewards will be awarded to an Owner within approximately 45 days following the completed purchase of a deeded Bluegreen Vacation Club interest by that Owner’s Qualified Referral. Owners who refer individuals who purchase non-deeded interests including, without limitation, Sampler packages, are not eligible for Rewards. 

This promotion is governed by the laws and regulations of the State of Florida and any and all disputes shall be heard and/or adjudicated in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Please click here for full Details of Participation