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Owner Testimonials

We have received so many testimonials from our owners that we had to divide them by category. Choose one or browse them all to hear and read what owners are saying about the Bluegreen Vacation Club®.

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As a family that traveled on a limited basis and then tried to pinch pennies when it came to motels, staying at Bluegreen facilities is a welcome change. With two or three rooms, we can spread out and enjoy different activities while at the resorts. That's especially great when you have a vacation late sleeper and a vacation early riser.

All the resorts we've stayed at (Falls Village, Christmas Mountain, and Laurel Crest) were well maintained and the staff has been hospitable and helpful. We also like the fact that we're off the main thoroughfare, so it's quiet, but still close enough to make it to shows and amusement parks without being stranded in long lines of traffic. We're so happy with what we've done so far that we just added to our previous point total so we can travel even more.

Sherry K. of Burlington, IA